Friday, January 6, 2012

Soup Tips

List of general tips for better soups.
- Roast vegetables in oven.

- Add tomato or tomato juice as liquid.
- Puree or blend 1/2 to thicken.
- Thicken with mashed potatoes (or tomato paste or cornstarch)

- Test seasonings in tasting cup. Ladle 1/2 cup soup into tasting cup, and try adding drops and pinches of liquids and spices. Avoids mistakes in the main soup pot.
- Lemon juice (1 tbsp) perks up or brings out flavors. Also lime juice, basalmic vinegar, white vinegar, or mustard condiment (which has vinegar).
- Salt (Soups with lots of liquid dilute and require lots of salt, so use the minimum amount, and not too much liquid. Add 1/8 tsp increment. Salt base layer during simmer, adjust salt at finish.)
- Try secret sauces (mustard, ketchup, soy, worchestershire, basalmic vinegar, salsa, etc.)

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