Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year Review: 2011

Posted my cookbook draft with a dozen rice recipes, with photos and recipes, tips and ingredients, as an epub file. This was one of my goals for the last year.

How much traffic did my recipes get? My recipe blog on Blogger ( had 33 posts in 2011, and 14 posts in 2010. Traffic averaged about 100 views/month, and the all time total has been about 1500 views. My recipe shares on BigOven ( had 24 recipes. The favorite recipe was Spicy Baked Potato Wedges, with 5 reviews, 212 favorite, and 187 try soon.

I learned many things, from shopping and cooking, to computer photography and blogs and ebook publishing. There are still many more photos and recipes on my computer. I traveled for 4 weeks during the summer, sticking to this meal plan on trains, at beach houses and in other people's kitchens. I also spent many summer weeks on the boat, the longest period being 2 weeks.

For the next year, I look forward to adding Indian lentil recipes and cooking tips, and posting more European flavored soups and stews.

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